Bantam Films is an independent production company, founded in 2006 by director Daren Bartlett and producer Abigail Clarke during the making of their first film, O Zelador, A Story of Capoeira.

Through their full-length documentaries and shorts, Bantam Films has developed a reputation for producing insightful independent features and unique high-end commercials.

The subjects of Daren Bartlett’s films have grown out of his interest in sport and culture, and the roles played by marginalised communities and sub-cultures within society. Having travelled widely in Latin America, he brought his influences to bear on a series of documentary features exploring the vibrant communities he encountered. Each film’s style reflects the dynamics of their subject, with Bartlett often interspersing intimate interviews with a kinetic visual style, capturing the excitement of his subject’s interests and obsessions. More recent projects have found Bartlett moving closer to home, with portraits of the traveller communities of England and the dying art of Cumbrian shepherding. However, his work continues to juxtapose probing interviews with stunning cinematography.

Daren is currently represented in the US by Pico+Hudson


Daren Bartlett, Rio de Janeiro 2010  © Bantam Films

Daren Bartlett, Rio de Janeiro 2010 © Bantam Films

"Daren Bartlett’s films show his fascination with the sub-cultures and lesser-known traditions of our societies. His empathy with his subjects give his work a unique perspective and privileged insider access, and are shot with a boxer’s grace and a poet’s eye".

Phil Clarkson, BBC Newsnight Editor