The concentration of a champion

Photography Tiago Molinos

Photography Tiago Molinos

The concentration of a champion… and a great corner, formidable.

One of the aspects of making a documentary is seeing what motivates your subject. Roger Gracie's Jiu Jitsu career has had some controversial moments, that in turn evoked qualities in him that highlighted what a life in martial arts can produce - magnanimous in defeat, humble in victory.
Throughout the entire film project, Roger never wavered in his total belief that he would make his mark on the Absolute Division of the IBJJF World Championships.
He did that, and much more. He and his opponents of that era created a legendary period in competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Renzo Gracie

Renzo Gracie... One of the great examples of what a martial artist can be. Armed with total belief in the system that he and his family evolved and gave to the world.

During the course of the 'Tradition' documentary project Renzo made time for the project and opened his mats to the intrusion of cameras. His generosity of spirit and those of all the family who contributed made this 12 year in the making documentary something unique to make and perhaps to watch.

Daren Bartlett

Tradition forthcoming release

In celebration of the much anticipated release of TRADITION (The Rise of a Gracie Fighter), a feature length documentary film that has been 14 years in the making, over the next few weeks Bantam Films will be releasing photographs and other mixed media that was gleaned over the course of this extensive project.

TRADITION charts the entire career of Roger Gracie, and beautifully weaves the Gracie family’s rich history into Roger’s unique and brilliant career. 

To start the ball rolling we present a portrait of one of the films contributors, the UFC welterweight legend Georges St-Pierre, taken by the film’s director Daren Bartlett.